Moriti wa gago seiponeng  Ke leboko lame le lentle go fetisa  Itlhaganele kapele o ise o nyelele  Ke mafoko ame a bofelo ke a go rata
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Tswana poem, translated by Tobena Ogomoditse

The love poem in its Setswana translation, majority language in Botswana and official language of South Africa. Tswana (Setswana) is a Bantu language very similar to Sotho, and also spoken in Namibia and Zimbabwe. 4 million Tswanas will be able to read my poem translated, Botswana owes its name to it. The tswana includes several dialectal variants, the one called kgatla being the reference.

Initially the Tswanas lived in the south of the Transvaal, then migrated to Botswana, then dispersed. They formed a conquering state, inspired by the Zulu model. Their social organization is typical of that of the Bantu, Kraal and extended family etc. Former Botswana, Bechuanaland, is stuck between Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa
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