Luganda love poem


Ekifanannyi kyo mundabirwamu

Kyekitontome kyange ekisinga obulungi

Naye yanguwa kuba nakyo kyanguwa okubula

Gwegusembayo nkugamba nti "nkwagala".

Translated into Ganda by Deborah Oriada & Nakumuli Racheal
Audio Tino Deborah Oriada
Luganda love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Ganda language

Love poem translated into luganda, nyoro ganda language. Poetry in the main language of Uganda before Swahili. This Ganda (Luganda, Baganda, LùGáànda, luGanda, Oluganda, Luvuma, Olukooki, Ludiopa, Olusese, Diopa, Kooki, Sese, Vuma) mirror of a Bantu language will be understood by more than 16 million speakers.

Ganda is the most important language of Uganda, in East Africa. This Bantu language is spoken mainly in the southern region, which include the capital Kampala. Ganda was the language of the powerful Kingdom of Buganda which ruled on what is now Uganda until the end of the 19th century. This tonal language which was the language in schools is now dethroned by English.


Uganda is a continental state, crossed by the equator, whose ⅐ of the surface is occupied by lakes, quote: Victoria, Kyoga, Edouard and Mobutu. Its population is constitued by ⅓ of Nilotics and for ⅔ of Bantu whose Gandas, who are the most important group.

The economy is based on agriculture (banana, coffee, tea, peas, but, millet, beans, fruits). Mineral resources are varied, but not very important. In general, mines and industry have been disorganized by the Asians departure, expelled by Amin Dada.

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