Ivegleu dzoué iyet  Ine ma abeng nlan  Vede bo'o avol ya dim  Ine ibouk iding memane dzam
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Ewondo poem, translated by Edima Ahibena Isabelle

Audio voice Edima Ahibena Isabelle
My little love poem translated into Ewondo, a Bantu language of Cameroon. One find it under the names of kóló, ewundu, yaounde, jaunde, yaunde. The Beti people who speak ewondo are in the south of Cameroon ... just in the north of those who speak bulu and fang ... this geographical proximity makes these 3 languages very similar. I would that this translation into ewondo, convey my poem wherever it is spoken.

Cameroon is at first a bilingual state, because its origin come, from the union of former French Cameroon, and from most of former British Cameroon. But this country is also the land of more than 200 African languages, divided into 6 families. All these languages have become interwoven, with the population movements, that have spread the practice of languages becoming vehicular! It is the case with Ewondo.
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