Bulu love poem


Azu doué ene eyet

Ene abeng bibouk biding biam

Bo'o avol a dim

Ene eding asulan dam!

Translated into Bulu by Sabine Marie Noelle
Bulu love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
Poem the mirror

Bulu language

Short love poem of the French poet Bellon, translated into Bulu (Boulou, Yengono, Zaman, Bene, Yelinda, Yembana), an African beti bantu language of Cameroon.

There are 1 million Pahouins in Central Africa, especially in the South and Central Cameroon, practicing Bulu essentially as a second language.

It is especially in the cities of Ebolowa and Sangmelima that one will find those who express themselves in Bulu.

This language Niger Congo subfamily Benoue Congo has some variations, also with differences in accents.

Art in Cameroon

As for Cameroon: its oldest inhabitants would be the Saos. The country, especially in the Grasslands region, still has a high level of artistic production.

The sculpture on wood is very abundant, and is manifested by masks, statues, seats, beds and receptacles for domestic use. In the south of Cameroon one finds pirogues carved in clear way and decorated with polychrome animal and human figures.

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