Cal ma megi ki ii maraya En aye lwod maleng makato  Ento, tim oyot-oyot pien rwenyo  Gin me agiki na amaro in
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Acholi poem, translated by Sue

Love poem translated into Acholi, the language of the acholis peoples in Uganda and southern Sudan. Poem acoli (akoli, acooli, atscholi, shuli, gang, lwoo, lwo, log acoli, dok Acoli) in a nilo-saharian language.

The Acholis live in Acholiland and are a population of about 1.6 million people. The beginning of the history of Uganda saw the meeting between Bantu populations of fishermen and farmers, and Nilotic breeders-growers. These spread everywhere by mixing, and create many small states in Acholi country. The Bunyoro, one of them attacks its neighbors throughout the 16th century and keeps the Buganda within its stric limits. It receives many emigrants in the 18th century. And must in 1894 accept the British protectorate. In 1967, a new constitution put an end to the existence of the Bugandan Bunyoro, Toro and Ankole kingdoms.
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