Yingo ti mon na ya ti tatara  A yeke pendere sori  Yeni oko lo guilissa iyo  Tanga ni la mbi yé mon
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Sango poem, translated by Diana Samba

Translation of my poem into sango (sangho), the national vehicular language of the Central African Republic. With Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo, a total of 5 million people speak this Creole language. It was originally the language of the Sango tribe added of words coming from French, the rapid development of the capital Bangui, assured it its spurt.

Stuck between Chad, Sudan, Cameroon and Congo, the Central African Republic is populated by several ethnic groups. Originally pygmy, Babingas, Saras and Nzakaras have populated the country. The Gbayas and the Zandés will arrive later. Diamonds, uranium and an actively exploited forest are with the rubber plantations the great resources of the country. Crafts remain active everywhere, while industrialization remains modest.
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