Petit poeme : Noukoumintowhe yo  E hle ho gbe de houn no do le  Bo gna ou bo ssou ssoun ssin  I gni whan nou whe.
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Fon poem (fongbe), translated by Bertille

Fon love poem (fongbe), in the vehicular language of Benin, Nigeria and Togo. 1.5 million speakers. The fon, a Niger-Congolese language of the Kwa group close to the Ewe, is the language of the Fons (Dahomeys), which are distributed in the three mentioned countries, since it was they who created the kingdom of Dahomey.

At its peak in the 18th-19th century, the kingdom of Dahomey, included a highly elaborate hierarchical administrative organization, with a court, dignitaries and an army. It had the near monopoly of the slave trade with the Europeans (the Slave Coast). During the annual custom in honor of the ancestors, many captives were sacrificed. A poetry in the tonal language of a pretty Beninese woman. Poem fon (fongbe) for all the girls of Porto-Novo!
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