Guinean love poem


Bu imagem na spelu

I nha poema mas bonitu

Faci rapidu i na paga

I nha ultimu ngosta di bo

Translated into Guinea Bissau creole by Macky

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Poem the mirror

Guinean language

Translation of the love poem into guinean (Portuguese Creole, Guinean, Kriol, Kriolu. Purtuguis, Kiriol), language of Guinea Bissau, a dream country for poets. The Portuguese colonizing country of Guinea Bissau having strongly influenced this republic, one finds among the languages this creole.

Guinea Bissau

A coastal country with many islands, its independence was separate from Cape Verde in the 1970s. In Guinea-Bissau, whether Bidyogos, Bagas, Nalus or Landumans, there is a certain unity among all these peoples, and their arts look like. Art that has always shaped, with protective geniuses, goddesses of the earth, the immaterial powers and ancestors.

Among the Bidyogos, the importance of the ancestors cult is at the origin of many statuettes, in light wood enhanced with painted details. Among the Bagas after the harvest, people dance masked around the family relics protected by the Elek, head of a woman-bird on a long neck surmounting a pedestal. It is to this society of Simo, repository of myths and traditions, that the great banda masks must be attached. The most celebrated creation of the Bagas, Nalus and Landumans is the Nimba, the goddess of fecundity, an enormous bust of hard wood with dark patina, large flattened breasts, and a big head with a hooked nose, under which a carrier slips.

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