Kpelle love poem

Ioɔɔ-kɔ̂ɔŋ káa mɛ̆lɛ-mɛlɛisu

Gráa a ná mɛni-pɔlɔ kpîŋ

Kɛ́lɛ, maafíla ma kpɛni sêi á lâŋ

Gélee nɔ́ ká ŋí "Iwɛli káa mâ"!

Translated into Kpelle, thanks to Victoria S.Kanneh
Kpelle love poem

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Love poem translated into kpelle. Kpelle (guerze) a mande language of southern Guinea and Liberia. Kpelle is the Niger-Congolese language of the kpelle people (about 1 million speakers).

She is thin and slender, her complexion has the color of copper, and on her head sits an imposing turban ... she encloses her hair in this very colorful fabric .. it is so high, that I imagine them of an inordinate length ... maybe, one day I'll see them.

The kpelles

The kpelles were first in Sudan, before settling in Liberia, and then for a part of them to settle in Guinea. They traditionally practiced slash-and-burn agriculture (rice), and were divided into villages, whose chiefs descended from the first founders. Their filiation was patrilineal, and they weree divided into clans and patrilocal lineages, gathered in chiefdoms. They were characterized by their institutions of poro and sande, which were secret societies respectively masculine and feminine, to which each people was initiated. These societies had the function of counterbalancing, the political power, educating adolescents, and creating solidarity links.

Today kpelles are in modernity, the mobile phone and internet are an universal link.

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