Ojuju kur ipo gigo  Wo cha ocha olohi kum fear dudu ar  Oya a ya feya ka ge bi  Anu wa mome kum a
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Idoma poem, translated by helen obeya

A small translation of the love poem into idoma (Akpoto, Oturkpo Igumale, Igwaale, Ijigbam, Okpogu), the Nigerian-Congolese language of the Kwa group, of the Idomas people in Nigeria. This idiom is part of the group of languages Idomoides Akweya, it is spoken by 650,000 people in Benue's area.

The Idomas inhabit Idomaland, and their traditional colors are black and red. In the 19th century. They were driven back by the Fulani on the banks of the confluence of the Niger and the Benue. They live in compact villages, where they regroup in extended families, in which patrilineages are dominant. There are several societies of men who govern their rites, especially that of the ancestors.
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