Kwasio love poem

Yïugur woh ô ngueneri

Y be guda lango sa ya

Guirga bena mintilla mia di kèh

Y ma fallah mèh kwul wèh!

Translated into Kwasio & voice Anne Bika

Original version
Poem the mirror

Ngumba language

Translation of the love poem into pygmy kwasio (ngoumba, ngumba, kwassio, magbea, mvumbo, bujeba, gyele, kola) comprehensible by 50,000 people. The Ngumba language belongs to the Makaa-Njem sub-group, it is spoken in Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. It is a Bantu language, tonal, comprising several dialects.

The Bujebas

The Bujebas (kwasios) have for many been assimilated by the fangs. Pygmies who are populations of the African equatorial forest, live in close contact with their non-pygmy neighbors to whom they provide meat in exchange of bananas, peanuts etc. Men hunt while women collect tubers. They live in temporary encampments, gathering individuals hunting together under the authority of the oldest. I am very happy to have this translation and audio.
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