or n'oul glacinou. or ti mi djoué klan man. hé n' dè n' dè or nounou. or ti mi kasien klo or
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Baule poem, translated by Nadège

Baule love poem (Bawule). Poetry in one of the languages of Ivory Coast, on the side of Bouaké and Yamoussoukro.

The Baules (2 million) migrated from Ghana three centuries ago, in search, of gold deposits, and traffic lanes to the coast. They live in the center of the Ivory Coast. This Akan people does not practice art for art, but the objects that it manufactures are for ritual purposes. They are demographically speaking, the largest population of Ivory Coast. As for the other Akan groups, their society is matrilineal, and there is no political authority above the village level. Among the Baule, the captives were quickly integrated into the matrilineages. Today, their economy relies heavily on the industrial exploitation of coffee and cocoa.
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