Soninke love poem


An gnaxalaxe dugnaredin,

Ke ni ncugi xore gna.

A sobe sad’a ga sankunu,

Xanuyen ndiga lagare xani.

Translated into Soninke by Hamet
Soninke love poem

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Soninke language

The Mande languages are part of one of the important language families of West Africa. Between them, there is the same characteristic that the Romance languages have between them, that is to say, that there are few differences between them, from a grammatical point of view ... however they are not intercomprehensible.

If Soninke is an important language in Mali, it is also spoken in Senegal, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea-Conakry (2.5 million speakers). There are many alternative names to designate this language, which come from the names of the surrounding populations ... here are a few: Kwara, Adjer, Sarangkole, Aser, Wakkore, Kinbakka, Giriga, Genger, Aswanek, Azer, Gangara, Sooninke, Sebbe, Geriga, Maraka, Ceddo, Aswanik, Saraxuli, Sarangkolle, Soninkanxanne, Markaajo, Serahule, Cheddo, Marka, Sarakule, Wankara, Sarakulle, Sarakolle, Markakan, Kinxenna, Sarakole, Serecole

Soninke people

The Soninke whose first dwellings were Saharan, would be at the origin of the empire of Ghana. It was at its fall that various clans scattered throughout West Africa, and it's why one find them in Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, for a population of about 2, 5 million people. Marka, Wangara, Sarakhole, Maraka, Toubakai, Wakore are just as many names to designate them, names given by the peoples who live around them.

Mande languages
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