Sawirkaaga sidii muraayadii ii sawiran  Ayaa eh gabaygeyga ugu quruxda badan  Larkin markan sifudud u waayo  Waa igu dambeysaa inaa dhaho waan ku jeclahay
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Somali poem, translated by Ilsan & Asma

Audio Asma
A little translation into Somali (a Cushitic language close to the Semitic languages) of my poem (Af-Maxaad Tiri, Af-Soomaali, Common Somali, Soomaaliga, Standard Somali). There are several dialects which are not necessarily mutually comprehensible. The Somali is the only Cushitic language to have a written expression. Nearly two tens of millions of speakers speak Somali, a Semitic Hamito language of the Horn of Africa. In Somalia, it is the official language, it is also spoken in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

The Somali coast has been known since ancient times by the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, who make this coast an important center of exchange. The Somali population is ethnically homogeneous. Somalians have a native language which come from southern Arabia, they settled in the horn of Africa from the 10th century, pushing the Gallas back to the present-day Ethiopia. Since the country has welcomed many refugees victims of conflicts. The Somalians still practice pastoral nomadism; The herds are made up of dromedaries guarded by young people, oxen, goats and sheep. Seasonal movements are carried out over short distances.
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