Gnoul gno'o. ti éyen  I nvang moukèl mam  Sa'ack évo'o! itè'è sounguel  I énè'è laam! mouti camo'o !
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Mpumpong poem, translated by LIEM Alix Téclaire

Translation for a pygmy mezime love poem (mpopo, bombo, pongpong) a language makaa-njem. The mezime pygmies of MBANG live in the Kadey in eastern Cameroon. This poem mpumpong (mpongmpong) is for them! This language has a small number of speakers and a large number of names to designate it. Pygmies are characterized by their small size, lower than that of neighboring populations (generally less than 1.50m for men). There are 3 groups of pygmies in the equatorial forest, the eastern ones (Mbutis) which were the most studied, those of the center (Tswas and Bingas) of the Central African Republic, and those of the west (Gabon, Cameroon) , Of which the Mézimés are part.
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