fa gba ver're  ma nomou bou orle, l'm'sr ecoucouchir  m'colofo efechir
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Abé poem, translated by Dulcie

Love poem translated into abé or (abbe, abbey, abi), Nigerian Congolese language of Ivory Coast There where the girls dance the aromon nê, the night in the djas of the villages of West Africa!

The Ivorian letters appear dominated by the figure of Bernard Dadie, who by himself summarizes all literary genres, since he has tapped all kinds ofliterary genres: poetry, literature and theater. Let us also mention Bernard Zadi Zaourou who is also a poet, we can quotes: "fer de lance". For novelists, besides Amadou Koné, Charles Nokan, we must remember Denis Oussou Essui, Ake Loba and especially Ahmadou Kourouma whose novel "The Sun of Independence" marks the renewal of the African novel of French expression. The abes are about 600,000 and would be the descendants of immigrants from Ghana.
African poetry