Fuulli kee daawitee keessaa,  Walaloo bareeduu naaf weellisaa,  Garuu, dhokachuudhaaf ariifatee,  Jaalala koo isa dhumaa fudhatee.
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Oromo poem, translated by Mohammed G

Little translation in afaan oromo of the poem for all the beautiful African women of the horn of Africa. This Cushitic language also called (galla, oromiffa), is spoken in the region of Oromia in Ethiopia. There are also speakers of the galla in Kenya in Djibouti and Somalia. There would be some forty millions of Gallas to speak this Cushitic language in northern Kenya and Ethiopia.

The Gallas themselves denominate Oromos. They cultivate barley, but are mainly nomadic pastoralists, subdivided locally into exogamous patrilineages. Their legal and political system is organized in age class. The rites of passage (gada) are spread over 5 stages of eight years each. For some celebrations they overlap with magnificent make-up that can resemble to a camouflage.
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