Ku foqi mareya ada  Yok inkih taysee saree  Isiisikay amisiqimelek  Yok aqir ko kiqiyu!
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Afar poem, translated by Malika

Love poem translated into Afar (adal, afar af, afaraf, qafar af, affarigna, danakil, denkel) (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia). In the region of Afar nearly 3 million people speak this Cushitic language very close to saho.

Afars have been present in the Horn of Africa for thousands of years. They occupy the region between the Red Sea and the Ethiopian plateau. The Afars (or Danakils) have an economy that relies on the possession of cattle herds. Meat and milk are the basis of their diet. They are nomadic pastoralists and their camels allow them an important caravan trade between regular markets. They used to operate salt mines, the product of which was exported throughout North-East Africa.

I imagine on your camel crossing the desert by rereading my poem in your head. Sometimes you also dream of him at night. But who is this man at the end of the world? You only know!
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