Bo refleto na spedju  E nha poema màs bnit  Bem d'pressa, antes q'el fuji  Ess é nha ultim djam crébu
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Cape verdean creole translation, Maria evora dos reis

Short love poem translated into Cape Verdean Creole (Cape Verde creole). The caboverdiano native language of the Cape Verdeans, is an Afro-Portuguese Creole of West Africa, and one of the few in process of becoming an official language. 1 million Cape Verdeans speak it as their mother tongue, and for those of the diaspora it remains their second language.

Cape Verde is an island state 500 km west of Senegal. The 10 islands that constitute it are volcanic, dry, poor and overcrowded. The lack of water does not allow for a very developed agriculture, as for fishing, it remains artisanal and very limited. Former Portuguese colony, thriving thanks to livestock, and especially to the slave trade, its economy subsequently continues to decline.
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