Apékouomè la poupuimè  Egni gnagnouin nam  Voi wokaba nowa élatoutou  Egnagnè kpotoèa éyégnin mou lonwo!
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Ewe poem, translated by Juliette

Short poem translated into ewe (éwé, éoué, évè, eʋe, ebwe, efe, eibe, eue, gbe, krepe, krepi, popo, vhe) a vehicular language with 7.5 million speakers. Poetry in the tonal language, of a pretty Togolese. Love poem for all the girls of Lome. The ewe is a Nigerian-Congolese language of the kwa group, which is found in: Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast and Ghana. It is spoken by the Ewes.

The Ewés (Ewés) are from the actual Yoruba country, they are farmers and fishermen. Their socio-political organization rests on exogamous patrilineages, the principle of virilocal residence and the unity of the city-state; The head of lineage plays an important role as an intermediary with the ancestors, who are the object of a particular cult.
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