Bouyianyi min heun poélà, élémin kè gbègbè, Lé fafa épongnin, Min làyè énin mouman!
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Attié poem, translated by Agnès claire Adji

Little love poem in attié (akyé, akié, atché, atié, atshe), a language of the kwa languages family. 400,000 Ivorians from the south, speak this minority language classified as an isolate. The people of this ethnic group are Agnis and as the Abbey are the descendants of Achantis, they are festive with a recognized music. The generation festival is for them a privileged moment of encounters and dances to celebrate the generational passage (blissful, djougbo, gnando, mouna). The Attiés live on the side of the Komoe River near Anyama. Their art is remarkable especially their sculptures. Ivory Coast has significant natural resources, uranium, oil, cocoa, bananas, coffee, and 4 major ethnic groups. The Atties who are Akans live in the southeast of Ivory Coast.
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