Sa der si settu bi Moy sama powem bu gënë rafet Wanté gawon tul naxte daffay meles Li moy sama daamela bug bu mudjë...
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Wolof poem, translated by Aminata Fall

Wolof poem (ouolof) language of Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania. This love poem wolof is a pretty African translation of my quatrain "mirror". The Wolof is a Senegambian language which has 10 million speakers. It is originally the language of the Wolofs that represent one Senegalese out of two.

The Wolofs or Ouolofs would originate from the south of Egypt, a long travel through Mauritania would have brought them as far as Senegal. The Wolofs were organized in the 16th century into a group of kingdoms which disappeared under the pressure of successive conquests and French colonization. Their system of filiation, generally bilateral, tends now to patrilinearity, because of the constant predominance of Islam. The wolof society included a division into classes (princely families, nobles, peasants, slaves), as well as a system of castes and orders, distinctions now extinct.
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