Ышды овыjнада ышдә шәкли Чымы ән хошбәхт ружонда гле Әнҹәа рәрә, бә чәиадә рәдбыби Ым чымы бәты ахырынҹи соханә: мы тыни пидәмә hежо!
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Talysh poem, translated by Samid

Little French love poem translated into talysh (talych) the language of 100,000 people. You are on the banks of the Caspian and you are a dancer, you dance the folklore of your people. Your clothes are pink, green, red and gold, and as jewelry you wear long necklaces. My poem is translated to seduce you, in a language of Iran and Azerbaijan, of Iranian origin. The Talychs refer to the Cadusians, the mountain people living in the S-E of the Caspian, who were the indolent subjects of the Persian Empire-6th-4th.
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