Talysh love poem


Ышды овыjнада ышдә шәкли

Чымы ән хошбәхт ружонда гле

Әнҹәа рәрә, бә чәиадә рәдбыби

Ым чымы бәты ахырынҹи соханә: мы тыни пидәмә hежо!

Translated into Talysh by Samid
Talysh love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

To seduce you & Talysh your language

Little French love poem translated into Talysh (Talish, Talyshi, Talych) the language, of Iran and Azerbaijan, of Iranian origin. (100,000 people).

You are on the banks of the Caspian and you are a dancer, you dance the folklore of your people. Your clothes are pink, green, red and gold, and as jewelry you wear long necklaces. My poem is translated to seduce you, in a language of Iran and Azerbaijan of Iranian origin.

Talysh is one of the languages of the South Caucasus Iranian group. The Iranian-speaking peoples of the Caucasus are divided into 3 groups: the north-eastern group: Khorezm, Scythian, Sarmatian, Ossetian and Alanian, the north-western group: the Kurdish and Talysh languages, the south-western group: the Tat, Persian etc.

The Talish language is what remains of the ancient Azeri language of Iranian origin, spoken before the Turkification by the Seljuks and other Turkish peoples. The different substrates found in Talysh show that there was not the same influence on the languages of the North Caucasus.

The Talysh live on the southwestern Caspian coast, in a region shared between southern Azerbaijan (Lankaran, Astara, Lerik and Masalli) and Iran. In Azerbaijan their community represent 1% of the population, so 80,000 people. In Iran, in the south of Astara, they occupy the lower part of the Caspian coast and the mountainous part which borders it to the west, ie five districts (Asalem, Kergenrud, Talish-Dolab, Masal and Shandermin).

Talysh, which has as many dialects as regions in which it is spoken, seems to be the Iranian language closest to Farsi, even if it has developed characteristics linked to its proximity with the Slavic languages. In Azerbaijan an alphabet based on the Latin alphabet has been created, and schools have been opened in this language ... so now scientific or literary works, written in Talysh, are starting to emerge.

The Talyhs

The Talychs refer to the Cadusians, the mountain people living in the S-E of the Caspian, who were the indolent subjects of the Persian Empire-6th-4th.

The Iranian peoples of the Caucasus are both descendants of ancient nomadic Iranian-speaking tribes (Cimmerians, Alans, Scythians and Sarmatians) coming from the North, and at the time of the Sassanids, of Persian-Aryans coming from the South (Iran and Mesopotamia) ). Another group descends from the Medes, also Iranian speaking, these are the Talysh (Tolysh, Tolyshon).

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