твоє зображення у дзеркалі –  найкрасивіший з моїх віршів  але ж швидше, люба, швидше  Воно зникне й не помітиш.
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Ukrainian poem, translation

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Ukrainian poem in the official language of Ukraine, language of the Eastern family of the Slavic group also spoken in some other countries. You are THE Ukrainian, the girl with the most tender gaze, the woman your folklore has sung. Your curls hook the hearts but for now you have always released them. This Ukrainian love poem has the blond reflection of the wheat of ukraine plains.

45 million people including the diaspora speak Ukrainian, a language close to Russian and Belarusian. Ukraine is on the borders of eastern Europe, north of the Black Sea. Kiev literature is a common heritage of Russia and Ukraine. Interrupted by the Mongol invasion (13th), literature resumes in the 16th century. The 17th sees the production of profane poetry, lyrical, didactic, satirical. The Ukrainian poet Kotliarevski, a pioneer, first gives a realistic vision of social life, but it is the great poet Shevchenko who associates nation and social preoccupations; Other poets Glebov, Shchogolev, will develop these themes. The end of the 19th century see the appearance of a populist poetry (Grabovsky). During censorship periods, the Ukrainian cultural movement moves to Austrian Galician from where the poet Franko, linked to the workers' movement, originated, he will be with Lessia Oukrainka the leader of a revolutionary literature. In the 1920s emerge great lyrists (Sosioura, Rylski). Since 1960 young poets, Korotitch, Dratch try to renew the themes. The country, consisting largely of vast plains (black lands), cultivated intensively since the 17th century, was considered to be the grain loft of the Soviet Union. Kiev was the first capital of Russia in the Middle Ages. This nation regained its sovereignty at the end of 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet bloc.
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