Ювэй, сидянгхана надьвар –  Саць сава падвын то” олха.  Паромбю”, надимданавар’ юнгу,  «Мэнева» пуданав!
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Nenets poem, translated by Серафима Петровна Дуркина

Nenets love poem (yurak), here of the tundra, one of the two Samoyed dialects (is closely related to Nganasan and Enets) of the Nenets (Nenetz), who live near the polar circle. They are nomads, and live by fishing and reindeer herding. The Nenets (Nenetz) live on the side of the Yamal peninsula a life that has not changed for a millennium. Reindeer is at the heart of their culture: clothing, food, leisure (reindeer races). It is so necessary and emblematic that its importance goes even to the sacred! Their nomadic life, being very difficult, many of them flee this nomadism and are assimilated by the Russian society. This yurak poem is in a Uralic language, which divides into two dialects, that of the forest and that of the tundra for about 30,000 speakers.
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