Nenets love poem

Ювэй, сидянгхана надьвар –

Саць сава падвын то” олха.

Паромбю”, надимданавар’ юнгу,

«Мэнева» пуданав!

Translated into Yurak by Серафима Петровна Дуркина

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Nenets language

Nenets (yurak), here of the tundra, one of the two Samoyed dialects (is closely related to Nganasan and Enets) of the Nenets (Nenetz), who live near the polar circle. Nenets is spoken in the northernmost Russia, in an area extending from the White sea to the Yenisei river. Its is an Uralic language, which divides into two dialects, that of the forest and that of the tundra for about 30,000 speakers. Nenets is the most widely spoken of the Samoyed anguages.

The tundra and forest nenets, belong to a branch of the Samoyed languages ​​of the Uralian family. Tundra nenets is the most spoken, forest nenets has only 1500 speakers, around Agan, Pur, Lyamin, Nadym. The majority of Nenets speak Russian and less and less transmit their language to their children. This means that these two nenets are threatened. Of this family of languages, there remains only selkup and nganasan. ​​Mator, yourats and kamas, are already extinct.

Tundra nenets is become a literary language after 1930, with a press and edited books. For forest nenets, it is not until 1990 that a dictionary and a textbook are published. The Nenets, continue to carry an oral literature, rich in songs, and different stories. The Nenets language, although poorly spoken, has been well studied, especially this of the the tundra.

The Nenets

The Nenets (Nenetz) are nomads, and live by fishing and reindeer herding. They live on the side of the Yamal peninsula. For those who have not emigrated to the cities because of oil and gas research, their way of life can not be more traditional, a life that has not changed for a millennium. Reindeer is at the heart of their culture: clothing, food, leisure (reindeer races). It is so necessary and emblematic that its importance goes even to the sacred! Their nomadic life, being very difficult, many of them flee this nomadism and are assimilated by the Russian society.
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