Aünada seniň şekiliň,  Meň demimiň iň gowy setirleri-  Gyssan! Yitermi,öçermi!  Soňky duügularyň ykrar etmesi.
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Turkmen poem, translated by Leila & Kamila

Turkmen (Turkoman, Turkhmen) translation of my love poem. This Oghuz language, close to Azeri and Turkish, is spoken by 8 million people. Is the muse of this poem Turkmen? Yes of course! She exists this Turkmen-speaking woman who will one day read me. I have in my pocket other pieces of paper to give her. They are well folded as to protect their words. These words are in an unknown language, only her will understand. Turkmen, the altaic language of the Turkish language group, is spoken in Central Asia in Turkmenistan, where it is a national language, by the Turkish people the Turkmens.
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