Гэрэл соо шинии дyриhэн –  Минии эгээл гое шyлэг  Tyргоорыш! yгы болохол даа  Минии hyyлшын дуран!
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Buryat poem, translated by Yanzhima

My love poem in its literary Buryat or Buriat version (Mongolian language of Buryatia, China and Mongolia). The Buryats are a nomadic Mongolian people, the yurt is their home, and their flock their whole life. This translation come directly from Ulan-Oude the capital of the Buryatia republic. Perhaps, it will travel throughout the country, protected at night, by a traditional tent, near the one, to whom it is destined. There are several variations of this language, at least five. There are 350,000 speakers. The Buryats are a people from Siberia living to the south and east of Lake Baikal. They settled in Buryatia in the 13th century by driving back the Lakoutes and the Tungus.
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