Eng güzel nezmidur, shé'irdur manga,  Eynekni tebessum qildurghan chéhring.  Pexes bol aldingdin bolidu ghayib,  Bolghandek bir sanga atighan méhrim.
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Uyghur poem, translated by Mamatjan Juma

Audio voice Mamatjan Juma RFA
Uyghur poem (Uighur), in the Turkish language of the Altaic language family of 14 million official people in Xinjiang (East Turkestan). The Uyghurs and the Uzbeks are very similar peoples. Uyghur can use different alphabets to be written. Currently it is the Latin alphabet in which is transcribed my poem which is used. An Uyghur love poem, because in central Asia, in Xinjiang, women admire themselves in the Tarim. One of them, one day, will see the almond drawing, of her pretty brown eyes.
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