Дяхlимцlайзиб хlела жура  Бегl гlяхlси далайла гьигь. Гьалакии! Бетихъур кьалли! Билшану рахли,  Гергъиси дигайлизиб мукlурвакlни.
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Dargwa poem, translated by Mariam

Love poem "The mirror" translated in the Dargwa language (dargin) of Dagestan (Caucasus), This nakho daghestanian language, which I find very poetic, is spoken by 400.000 Dargins. There are several dialects of dargwa, a language that has been only transcribed since 1938. Dargins are farmers and nomads living from breeding, but is she a farmer or a breeder? I think she does both, on a small scale, just for her. Will she ever read my poem? She has been living recluse for so long, and it is her life, because no one has yet tell her the least "I love you"! One speak also darwa in Kyrgyzstan and in Ukraine, two places where speakers are found.
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