уи сурэтыр мылъым телъщ  си усэ нахь даху шытщ  ау зыгъыпсынк1э- ток1ыжщ  си ф1ы узолъэгъу яужырей аращ
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Kabardian poem, translation

Audio voice Saida Shebzukhova
Kabardian love poem (Eastern Cherkess) translated into an Abkhazo-Adygian language of the Caucasus. The kabardian is her native language, but the echo returned to her by the mountains is always in French! She likes to smile at it, and search its meaning. Will she be touched by this little kabardian poem, that I send to hert? It is in a language spoken by less than 640,000 speakers, including SHE! The Kabardians are Eastern Cherkesses. Did the pretty Cherkess Bela of Lermontov's novel speak the kabardian? I encourage you to read this very beautiful novel: "A hero of our time". There are many descendants of the Kabardians in Turkey, many emigrated to this country in the 19th century.
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