Sinul silmat ola zercalos  Tama on kaikis paras stihotvorenii.  Kieerehta! Tama voibi lahtie,  Tama on minul algimainen Mina sinul racastan
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Karelian poem, translated by Nina Efimova

A poem about love, a Karelian poetic version of "la glace", in the fennic language of Karelia, between Russia and Finland for 100,000 speakers. The Finnish, largely inspired the Karelian (Karely) through its popular poetry. The Karelians are a Finnish ethnic group and their language is sometimes considered a Finnish dialect. The Kalevala (oral literature), music and folk dances allow them to keep a small part of their culture. I imagine her traveling on a sled pulled by a reindeer. Karelian is a Balto-Finnish language. Karelia extends over a wide isthmus between the Gulf of Finland and the White Sea, it's a country of lakes, forests, and granite.
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