Сени гульгевь гюзгюда  Строчкаларда мени яхши нефесим.  Телесь! О ёх-олар! Алерь  Ахирин чувствада признание.
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Kumyk poem, translated by Ahmed

Kumyk (Kumuk, Kumuklar, Kumyki) translation (of the central Dagestan), of my love poem! This Turkish language is also spoken in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Ossetia. There would be 300,000 koumyks able to speak, this language of the Western kipchak group. To write it, the Cyrillic script succeeded the Latin script, which itself had succeeded the Arabic script. Many languages of this region, have seen their ways of being written, change, due to the influences which they underwent. The Kumyks are believed to be the descendants of indigenous nomads, turquized by the Khazars who dominated the Dagestan region for a few centuries.
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