Кæсын æз айдæны дæ хуызмæ  Уый у мæ кадæг 'мæ мæ зард  Фæлæ æрбайсæфы æнусмæ  Мæ фæстаг Уарзын дæ, мæ цард!
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Ossetian poem, translated by Misost Bardzinty

Audio Marina Tebieva
A new version, for an Ossetian or Ossetic poem (here iron). Ossetian descends from the language of the Scythians and Sarmatians of antiquity. An Ossetian love poetry, in a language of the Iranian group, spoken in Ossetia by 500,000 speakers, divided into two, iron (literary Ossetian) and digor, it retains archaic features of the ancient Iranian. Ossetic, which is an official language in the two republics of Ossetia, uses a particular letter æ, it is found in the Ossetian "I love you" "Уарзын дæ". The Ossetians (osses) descend from Alans, Iranians nomads, who migrated to the region in the Middle Ages.
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