Avar love poem


Дур нахъчlвай матlуялда -

Мухъал дур лъикlаб хlухьлалъул.

Хехго тагlуна доб сунна дай,

Ахирисеб асар мукlурлъизе.

Translated into Avar by Gafgaz
Audio voice Мадина Гаджиева

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Avar language

A French love poem, translated into avar (Avaro), the Caucasian language of the descendants of the Huns, originating from Tartary. Avar (mountains language) is that of the Avars. The avar is close to the andi and the dido and serves as a communication language for inter-tribal communications. It is a language written since the end of the 18th century, first in Arabic type. There are nearly 500,000 speakers. In Dagestan smaller that a french district, were is spoken avar one count about 30 different languages.

The Avars

Avars are an ethnic Caucasian group, fruit of an important interbreeding, in it history, will carry out numerous raids towards China and Europe. The Avars (Avares, Ruanruan) were Mongols of high Asia, nomadic from Manchuria to Tourfan. Intrepid and ferocious riders, they obeyed a kagan and lived in a walking and fortified capital, "the ring", where they amassed their treasures. They went as far as Hungary, Turkey, Italy before yielding under the attacks of the Franks.
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