куьзган чохь хьан сурт гучу хенахь- иза сан уггаре хаз стихотворени ю! хьо сих цалахь иза д1а ер ю! иза сан т1ехьар лера сун хьо вез ду!!!
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Chechen poem, translated by Aza

Chechen love poem translated by Aza, a pretty girl from Grozny. The Chechens inhabit the central part of the North Caucasus, there are 1 million in Chechnya. I like this translation, it is part of my favorites, because I find there a very personal feeling of childhood, as with some others. But I miss a voice, her voice, that of this woman for whom I wrote this poem, it is her who will one day send it to me. Chechen is a language of the nakh group of nakho-daghestanian languages which comprises several dialects, a dozen, this of Grozny defining the Chechen language.
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