Tajik love poem


Симои ту дар оинаи қалб,

Кашидаи нафасҳои накўи ман.

Шитоб! ва-гарна нест мешавад,

Изҳори меҳру муҳабати ман, зулмот мешавад.

Translated into Tajik by Hasanjon Dodojonov, thanks Abdouvahop
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She is Tajik

This Tajik (tajiki, galcha) love poem (Шеър муҳаббат), is in the official language of Tajikistan. A language which is part of the Iranian group of Indo-European languages. One day she'll find out. Like her people, she is very cultured, she has read much Tajik literature, as well as that of the whole world. My love poem in Tajik is an essay, a tiny attempt to translate her.

Tajikistan is the poorest country of the former USSR, its organization is tribal, its language and customs are inherited from Persia and it is still found many of its inhabitants to live under yurts.

The tajik

Tajik is a language of the Iranian group spoken by 5 million people, which after being written with the Arabic alphabet and the Latin alphabet, is now written in Cyrillic. Tajik is actually the same language as Persian. It stands apart from the other major languages of former Soviet Central Asia, which are Turkic.

Since the 1920s, tajik has become an official language in Tajikistan. It is also spoken in Uzbekistan, and in Badakhshan where it is the language that unites people speaking different Iranian idioms. Iranian populations traveled with the Arab armies, the Iranian plateau in the 8th century, with Persian as the language of conversion.

At the Samanid court of Bukhara, Persian became the literary language. Turkish invasions etc. will influence the language. After the Russian revolution and the establishment, of a Tajik republic, the literary language will be established, on the basis of Bukhara and Samar-kand dialect. From 1948 to 1988, the Tajik will lose its prestige, to recover it, in the following years. A whole Russian vocabulary, will be replaced by Persian words, and the Perso-Arabic script will be teach again.

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