Кузгудон коргон келбетин, Арналат сизге мыкты ыр сап, Тез окуу келбет саптарын, «мен сени суйом» сизге арналат
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Kyrgyz poem, translated by Tolkunai, Aselya

Audio Maksat askerov
This poem in Kyrgyz (Kirghiz, Kirgiz), is a translation of the international love poem "la glace". It is in the official language of Kyrgyzstan, spoken by 4 million Kyrgyz-speakers. This love poem is only for you, it is Kyrgyz, in your language of the Turkish group of Altaic languages. Until 1917 Kyrgyz literature knew only an epic and patriotic lyric poetry (Kedeikhan, Manas). After the war emerge poets like Osmonov and Eraliev freed from Stalinism. Kyrgyzstan is a country almost entirely mountainous from the center of Asia originally populated by nomads. The Kirgyz are attested as early as the 2nd century by Chinese sources in the upper reaches of the Iénissei. After having moved several times, they now live mainly in Xinjiang.
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