Гузгие йугъуд xьесым  Йизды ки къыхьды шад вал виъи  гъу тэлэсмиш рыш, гьад сугэстый,  гьад йизыд гъу рыккын йиъи.
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Rutul poem, translation

Audio voice Анжела Ахмедова
The translation of my little love poem into Rutul (Rutal, Rutultsy, Rutuly), the language of the Rutuls, in Dagestan and Azerbaijan, spoken by 15,000 people. Rutul remained for a very long time an exclusively oral language, to begin to be written only towards the end of the 20th century. Here is an interpretation of the poem in an idiom of the Lezghian group of Caucasian languages, close to the Chechen and considered as endangered. There are many languages in Daghestan, the rutul is one of them!
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