Moksha love poem

Тонь сильфце зерклатесе -

Строкать монь цеберень вайм.

Капшек! Ведь юмай! Маштписть ли

Последнийтня чувстватнень признаниетнень?

Translated into Moksha by Olga

Original version
Poem the mirror

A rare poem

My love poem "The mirror" translated into moksha (Moksha Mordvin, Mokshan, Mordoff, Mordov, Mordvin-Moksha) by Olga a translator. A rare poem since there are only 500,000 mordvins who live in Mordovia. A very beautiful young woman speaks it and smiles as she reads me. I like this smile, graceful as much as discreet. It tells me everything about her!


Mordov-moksha is a Finno-Volgaic language. There are actually two mordov languages, the second is called erzya. The two are distinct and spoken by several distinct peoples. The Mordvins lived in the Oka region. Allied to the Kazhars then to the Golden Horde, they were submitted by Ivan the 4.

The Uralic languages, have taken their name from Ural, the mountain range, of the region, where they are found. Their origin is uncertain. It is believed that the proto Uralic was born with populations from present-day, Hungary and Norway. Of these two Mordvian languages, moksha has only 30% of the speakers, the other 70%, speak Erzya.

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