Adyghe love poem


Гъунджэм къыридзэрэ уи сурэт

Мы сы усэ янахь дахэрары

Ау зыгъэпсынчь, сэкIоды

Къыосожытэр "щь1у о усэлъэгъу"

Translated into Adyghe
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Adyghe love poem

A romanization


Ğuncem qıriźere ui suret”

Mı sı use yanah daxerarı”

Au zığepsınçь, seḉodı”

Qıosoɉıter ”şь1u o useĺeğu”

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Adyghe language and Bella

Love poem translated into the Adyghe language (other names and dialects : Circassian, Xatuqai, Abadzeg, Sapsug, Xakuchi, Natukhai, Bzhedug, Adygei, Adyge, West Circassian, Abadzex, Lower Circassian, Lowland Adyghe, Chemgui, Western Adyghe, Natuzaj, Abadzakh, Kjax, Temirgoj, Bezhedukh, Bzedux, Shapsug, Kiakh, Adygey, Western Circassian, Cherkes, autonym : Адыгабзэ (Adəgăbză)) for about 100,000 people.

The Western Tcherkess is spoken only in about twenty villages. This translation into the Adygue language, a Caucasian language, from the Abkhazo-Adygian language family, is exactly in the Xatuqai dialect.

It is necessary to distinguish Kabardian (Eastern Cherkess) and adyghe, which are two distinct languages of neighboring populations by their origne.

Bella, the heroine of Lermontov was circasian. Perhaps it's her who is hidden behind my romantic mirror!

“Well, isn't she beautiful?” “Exquisite,” he replied. “And what's her name?” “Bella. And indeed, she was very pretty: tall, thin, dark eyes, like those of the chamois, which penetrated you to the depths of your soul. Pietchorin, now pensive, never took his eyes off her; she too constantly turned her eyes towards him on the sly. But Pietchorin was not the only one to admire the pretty princess. Two other eyes, fixed and ardent, stared at her from the back of the room. I recognized an old acquaintance of mine, Kazbitch. "- 1841, Mikhail Lermontov (A Hero of Our Time).

"European travelers who have visited Georgia, unanimously recognize the beauty and charm of Circassian girls." Immanuel Kant.

The Adyghes

The Circassians date back to ancient times, and until the middle of the 19th century occupied almost the entire region between the caucasus Mountains, the Kuban river, and the black sea. The adyghe is also a part of the Circasia territory.

The Republic of Adyghe remains a wild and very wooded area since forests cover 41% of its territory. The Adyghes people live at the western Caucasus extremity, in the low valleys of the Kuban and Laba rivers, which form the autonomous region of the Adyghes

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