гъунджэм къыридзэрэ уи сурэт  мы сы усэ янахь дахэрары  ау зыгъэпсынчь, сэкIоды  къыосожытэр щь1у о усэлъэгъу
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Adyghe poem, translation

Audio Medkua Adnan
Poetry translated into the adyghe language (Western Cherkess) for about 100,000 people. The Western Tcherkess is spoken only in about twenty villages. It is necessary to distinguish kabardian (Eastern Cherkess) and adyghe which are two distinct languages of neighboring populations by their origne. The adyghe is also a part of the Circasia territory. Bela, the heroine of Lermontov writer was circasian. Perhaps she is hiding behind this pretty mirror! The Republic of Adyghe remains a wild and very wooded area since forests cover 41% of its territory. The Adyghes people live at the western Caucasus extremity, in the low valleys of the Kuban and Laba rivers, which form the autonomous region of the Adyghes
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