Йыхна сифат нахуаре  Дживаббы йизде югне нафасын.  Экра ихе! Алетхтуасыммы! Кятхасин.  Ахредин джанедын увыбы.
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Tsakhur poem, translated by Ramazan

The poem in its tsakhur (Tsaxur, Caxur) translation, a nakho-daghestanian language. Tsakhur is spoken in Dagestan and Azerbaijan by about 15,000 people. She is tsakhur-speaker, besides she understands all languages. She lives in the mountains in a small village, and makes very nice jewels. They are firstly for her. She wears them, tries them, and then sells them to the nearest town. There are several dialects of this Lezguian language. Will my poem reach her?
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