Gilaki love poem


تی چهره آینه درون

می خوشترین ترانه یه

اما چی زود اون محوا به

می آخرین کلام انه "تی عاشقم

Translated into Gilaki by Yashil Farshid
Gilaki love poem



Tee chehre ayne doroon

Me khoshtarin taraneye

Amma,che zood oon mahva beh

Me akharin kalaam ane, "tee aashegham"

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Gilaki language

The Iranian language Gilaki (Gelaki, Gilani, Guilaki, Guilani, Galeshi, Lahijani, Langerudi, Rashti, Rudbari, Bandar Anzali, Fumani, Rudsari, Some'e Sarai) is spoken in Gīlān Province.

The Gilakis (Gilaks, Geləks) are the inhabitants of the province of Gīlān in Iran, along the Caspian sea, and their language Gelaki, is a language of the northwestern branch of the Iranian languages (Central Caspian), which is written with Persian Arab script.

They will be about 3 million speakers who will be able to understand this translation of my little love poem.

Gilaki shares a real vocabulary similarity with Mazanderani, and has common structures with Talysh and Zazaki.

Neither of these two languages, Gilaki and Mazanderani, is written and does not include a literary standard; both are made up of a set of contiguous dialects which cover a region corresponding to the historical Ruyān (between Rāmsar to Čālus).

We can divide the language into three dialects, Galeshi spoken in the mountains of Gilan, Western Gilaki and Eastern Gilaki, and to name where they are found: Rašt, Lahijān, Astarā, Bandar Anzali, Lang-erud, Rudbār, etc.

Gilan or Guilan

Gilan (Guilan) is an Iranian province located south-west of the Caspian Sea between Ardabil and Mazandéran.

In the Gilān there are three regions: 1) Elbourz and the Shāhrūd-Kizil Ouzen Basin; 2) the Sefid Rūd Delta; 3) the countries of Fūmanāt and Tavālesh (mixed Tāleshī and Azeri population).

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