Нарна толян мет, чирячнь-  Насн жирглин айта шюлг  Гилвксн толян агчмд унтрна  Адг!Мини дурна сюл герчлт
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Kalmyk poem, translated by Nina Akicheva

Audio Bogdahna Chingis
Here is the kalmyk love poem (oirat, kalmouk) of the French poet Richard Bellon, translated for 150.000 kalmouk-speakers. The prettiest girls of this ethnic group know when they dance, how the eyes of men stare at them. They do not like it too much, because if they dance, it's for other reasons. Their dance is their language, but who will know how to decipher it? Who could find the words that only them understand?

Here is a Kalmyk poem in a Mongolian language of the Oïrat group, official in the Kalmykia republic, which is also spoken in China and Mongolia. Kalmykia is a steppes region, in the south-west of Russia. Its population the Kalmyks descends from the Oïrats (Oirots, Western Mongols), made up of different tribes coming from Mongolia to the south Caucasus. In Genghis Khan's time they inhabited the forests to the west of Lake Baikal.
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