Vi güzgüdavay şikil zunya  Para ugurlu payeziyaya.  Amma telesmiş xux. Am vilika kohziva.  İm zu vaz axirinci etirafya Zaz vun qanziva.
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Lezgian poem, translated by Amik

Love poem translated into Lezguian (lezgian, lezgi, Lezghi, Lezgin) the nakho-daghestanian language of 750,000 people (Lezgic language family). A translation into the language of the Lezgins, a population of Azerbaijan, and southern Dagestan (official language). This language is classified as endangered by UNESCO. Lezghistan is the ancient name of Daghestan. The Lezgins live in extended families and are endogamous. They are famous for their golden embroidery and hemp fabrics. Among the lezguians, one, is a beautiful sleeping woman. My poem in four lines belongs to her!
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