Вожт ончешеш вочшо йомартле тӱсет -  Мургорнош у шӱлышем кодеш.  Ит вашке таҥем! Ит емдара сынет!  Пэтартеш шижмаен шеп ойжем?
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Mari poem, translated by & voice Nadya

Love poem "la glace" translated into mari, the Finnish-Volgaic Uralian language of the Mari Republic, spoken by 550,000 speakers. Tcheremisse is the other name of this language of High Volga. The Mari republics (Tcherepovets) of which it is official language is located to 600kms of Moscow in the east. We can distinguish two important dialects, that of the prairies and that of the mountains, for 540,000 speakers. For the Teherémisse, as for many of the translations that you can find on my site, I am a taker of your information concerning language, literature (poetry) and the ethnic group they concern, because for many of them it is very difficult to find informations. Do not hesitate to write to me!
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