Тынад тусбуед синучконын -  Мынам чуръёсам шуныт шоканэ.  Дырты, ведь ышоз! Ортчоз-а со  Берпумети пушме усьтонэ.
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Udmurt poem, translated by Rosa, Sveta et Venera

Udmurt Poem (votyak, votiak). A translation of my four small lines for 320,000 Udmurt-speakers in Udmurtia. Udmurts are Ugrian finnish people. She is a very pretty Udmurt girl who lives between the Kama and the Viatka, in the Ural, she is the most coquettish of her village! When she emphasizes with black her pretty eyes, or make up with red the pulp of her mouth, she is the most women's woman! My love poem is intended for all the young udmurts women who speak this Permian language in Udmurtia. Their entire region was strongly influenced by the various invasions, notably that of the Turcos-Mongols.
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