Ko’zgudagi aksing timsoli  Qalbimning eng go'zal sh’eriyatidir'  Shoshilmasang u g'oyib bo'lar.  'Seni sevaman' deb so'nggi aytishim
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Uzbek poem, translated by Gulchekhra Nigmadjanov

Audio Ruslan
Uzbek poem, in the official language of Uzbekistan which has 19 million speakers. This Uighur language come from the Turk and descends directly from the djaghatai. There are two dialectal groups, this of the north and that of the south. Uzbekistan has suffered many invasions: Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Mongols, Russians, that are all its influences, with Iranian influence for in the south. The Uzbeks are also, like many peoples of the region, descendants of the Turko-Mongolian "Golden Horde" who ruled the region in the 14th century. This Uzbek love poem is a mysterious mirror of the foothills of Asia! She lives there, but one day will come in a traditional dress singing and dancing in France.
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