Cанӑн cӑну тӗкӗрте - Манӑн сывлӑшӑм чи лайӑх ере пек. Васка! Часах ҫухалеҫ! Тесереленеҫ вет Юлашки туйӑмри паллӑмсем.
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Chuvash poem, translation

Audio voice chuvash Darya
Love poem "la glace" translated into Chuvash (Bulgar) by Darya. Chuvashia with its natives the Chuvashs, who are affiliated to the Maris, and border the territory of these. The Chuvashs are hunters, fishermen and breeders. She loves the warmth of her big fur coat, she wraps herself in it to read in nature. She loves nature and reads a lot! That's how she is! A poem in a Turkish language of the western Urals, spoken by the the descendants of the Bulgarians, came from the Caucasus to flee the Mongol invasions. The Chuvash is considered an independent branch of the Altaic family, which would also have included the language spoken by the Huns. There are about 1.5 million Chuvash-speakers.
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