Chuvash love poem


Cанӑн cӑну тӗкӗрте -

Манӑн сывлӑшӑм чи лайӑх ере пек.

Васка! Часах ҫухалеҫ! Тесереленеҫ вет

Юлашки туйӑмри паллӑмсем.

Translated into Chuvash
Audio voice Chuvash Darya
Chuvash love poem



Canăn cănu tĕkĕrte -

Manăn sïvlăšăm č́i lajăχ jere pek.

Vaska! Č́asaχ śuχaleś! Tesereleneś vet

Julaški tujămri pallămsem.

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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French poem

Chuvash language

Chuvash love poem (Чăваш чӗлхи) "la glace" translated by Darya. She loves the warmth of her big fur coat, she wraps herself in it to read in nature. She loves nature and reads a lot! That's how she is!

Chuvash (Bulgar, Anatri, Viryal, Autonym : Чӑвашла) is a Turkish language from the western Urals, spoken by the descendants of Bulgarians who came from the Caucasus to flee the Mongol invasions. It is considered to belong to an independent branch of the Altaic family, which also included the language spoken by the Huns.

It is the only modern language of the Bulgarian branch of the Turkish languages (2 million speakers), and the language of the Republic of Chuvashia created when the USSR break-up. Half of the speakers live outside this republic, notably in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Kuybyshev, Ulyanovsk, and Samar.

Originally, a part of the Oghoure tribes, in the 5th century, migrated from the region of Baikal to the west to settle on the Volga sides, Koban and Danube sides. Most will see their language assimilated (Bulgarian from Balkans).

In the 9th century some of them will establish a Bulgarian kingdom on the Volga (Volga Bulgarians), which will be destroyed by the Mongols in the 13th. We have found, dating from this same century some inscriptions in Bulgarian Volga. It is only in the 18th century that begin the Chuvash writings with texts and a grammar.

Nothing proves the direct connection between Bulgarian Volga and Chuvash; nothing is certain about when the old Chuvash borrowed from Bulgarian.

Tchouvachia with its natives the Tchouvaches, who are affiliated with the Maris, borders the territory of the latter. The Chuvash are hunters, fishermen and breeders. There are approximately 1.5 million Chuvash speakers in Russia in the central Volga region of the Chuvash Republic, whose capital is Cheboksary.

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