Ingush love poem

Хьа сибат къизгач цергил са Iангар сьа -

ХIат язе хъети дъамадади из.

Шин барга ехи гIои дъадеадь,

Техьор са дегчурдер Iада хьог.

Translated into Ingush by Khamzat
Ingush love poem

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Ingush woman & language

Little Ingush poem (Ingus, Kisti, Galgay, Ingushi, Ghalghay, Kistin, Autonyme : Ghalghaj, Гӏалгӏай‎ (Ğalğaj), гӏалгӏай мотт‎ (Ğalğaj mott)), in the official language of the Ingushetia Republic, an idiom from the Nakh branch of the Caucasian languages. 400,000 Ingushetians will understand my 4 little verses translated into their pretty language.

And if she had reincarnated in the body envelope of the most beautiful young Ingush women? If this is the case, one day finding my poem, she will know that all this is about her.

Ingush spoken in Ingushetia is a language of the Caucasian family and a variant of Chechen. Ingushetia is a small republic in the north-central Caucasus bordered by Russia, North Ossetia, Georgia and Chechnya.

Even if the 2,000 inhabitants of this republic are bilingual: Ingush and Russian, Ingush, remains a minority language, reserved for the family and friendly circle, Russian remaining the language of education, justice, administration and economic affairs. Moreover, it is only since the fall of the Soviet Union that children have been relearning ingush, thanks to government attempts to restore the importance of minority languages.

The Ingushes

The Ingushes are Chechens of Ciscaucasia, especially breeders in the high mountains. Their language the ingush is rather close to tchetchene. Ingushetia is located in the northern Caucasus. As for the Caucasus, it is so dense in languages still spoken, that the term "linguistic Caucasus" is often referred to.

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