Finnish love poem


Sinun kuvasi peilissä,

On minun kaunein runoni.

Mutta nopeasti se haalistuu,

Se on minun viimeinen "rakastan sinua"!

Translated into Finnish by Ilona
Finnish love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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My Nordic in this Finnish love poem (Suomi Rakkaus runo), your pale complexion has the reflection of the mirror. This complexion, which seems so cold, has the sweetness, the beauty, and the warmness of my words.

You are this translation! You are, YOU, only you, and only you in your malice, the most mischievous woman! This Finnish poem is YOU!

You live far to the north, close to Russia, where white covers everything. One day you will decide to go to the south where these words call you.

The Finnish language (the variants : Southwestern Finnish, Savolax, Savo, Tavast, South Pohjanmaa, Finska, Central and North Pohjanmaa, Peräpohja, Southeastern Finnish, Finnish Karelian, Häme, Finnish Karjala, Autonym : Suomi) is the language of 5 million people.

It is a Fennic language and the national language in Finland and spoken in Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Norway. Finnish is divided into two groups of dialects which are mutually comprehensible.

History of Finnish literature

Finnish literature begins in -1000 with shamanic poetry, rituals and myths. In the 1st s. We find poems cosmogonic and lyrical.

Epic poems date from the time of the Vikings. The popular poetry of the Middle Ages reflects the rivalry between pagan and Christian literature. The richness of incantatory poetry is remarkable.

In the 16th century, in the poetic domain, the first church hymns appear. Two of the greatest Swedish-speaking poets were Finns: Gustaf Filip Creutz and Franz Mikael Franzen, they announce the greatest poet Runberg, also of Swedish expression.

In 1809 the Finlande which was Swedish becomes Russian, it is the emergence of the first two true Finnish poets Kallio and Juteini. 1831 marks the birth of the Finnish literary society created by the poet J. L. Runeberg, whose poems unite realism and romanticism, J. V. Snellman and Elias Lonnrot, create the "Kalevala".

Aleksis Kivi, a romantic poet of Kalévalé inspiration, allow the Finnish to become a literary language. Realism gets to Finland, Pietari Paivarinta depicts the life of the peasants, Arvid Jarnefeld advocates equality and peace.

The beginning of the 20th century, is the golden age of Finnish poetry, its leader is Eino Leino. It is the great Finnish poetess of Swedish expression Edith Sodergran who introduces expressionism in Finland. Literature enters into an era of modernism with poets Uuno Kailas, P. Mustapaa and Einari Vuorela.

In the 1930s the poet Aaro Hellaakoski renounce for his attraction to Cubism. After the Second World War, poets express themselves in free verse, rich in images, such as Eeva Liisa Manner, Marja Liisa Vartio. We must also mention the poet and novelist "virtuoso of the word" Paavo Haavikko, as well as Pentti Saarikoski.

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